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5-star review from David Garfinkel
5-star review from Earl Chee
5-star review from Matt Rudnitsky
5-star review from Holley Gruenwald
Front cover of The Copywriter's Workout

Want an Easy, Stress-Free, Real-World Way of Practising Your Copy?

Any great copywriter or copywriting coach will tell you that the secret to becoming a kickass copywriter is practice.

But how and what are you supposed to practise exactly?

And what if you’re short on time?

The Copywriter’s Workout is the copywriting workbook that takes all the guesswork out of practising your copywriting.

Packed with real-world copywriting exercises, this one-of-a-kind copywriting workbook is designed to help you:

💪 Build strong, confident, copywriting muscles

💪 Find out which types of copy you love — and which ones you hate

💪 Explore different niches and find the ones you’re passionate about

💪 Create a portfolio to be proud of — even if you haven’t gotten a client yet!

The Copywriter’s Workout takes the mysticism out of practising your copy so that you can get stronger and faster — gain the confidence to go after the clients you want and build a business you’ll love.

"I absolutely loved it! I've been looking for practice books like this with actual helpful, informative examples and this is it." - Elyse Woods

"The perfect bridge from student to professional." - Emily Rocha

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and get practising!

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