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Reviews, Audits & Strategy

Doing it yourself doesn't mean going it alone!

Seeing your business through someone else's eyes can be the key to levelling up your strategy, your copy and your results.

Below you'll find some services to help you get that essential bird's eye perspective of your business {and find more about working with me}.

Quickie Copy Review

Scratching your head over a section of your copy?

Ready to brainstorm a critical headline?

Curious and want to road test working with me?

Let's review up to 200 words of your copy in a super fun informal chat.

Duration:  15-min call

Cost:  FREE

Copy Audit or Strategy Call

Want someone to bat ideas around with?

Need a professional opinion on a chunk of copy?

Then this in-depth online chat could be perfect for you.

Send me the details or up to 500 words of your copy. I'll review and prepare some thoughts before we talk.

Duration:  1 hour call + prep

Cost:  $150

Sales Page or Website Audit

Looking for a full review to enhance or improve the performance of your current or new page(s) then this is the service for you.

This service includes a written report, walkthrough video outlining your recommended next best steps, and a follow-up call to get your questions answered.

Duration:  project dependent

Cost:  from $450

Laying Solid Foundations

If you and your business are ready to reach for the sky, doing the groundwork is essential to success.  Defining solid foundations offers clarity that can save heaps of time further down the line.

Create a winning first impression with messaging that hits the mark with those all-important ideal clients...

Brand Voice & Website Copy

All roads lead to your website.  It's your shop window, your calling card, the hub of all your marketing efforts... and it's personal!

Your website is a reflection of you. It shows everyone from the complete stranger to the loyal customer what you do, what you stand for and what they can expect when they work with you.

Getting the voice, the tone and the level of information right is key. 


In this project, I do a deep dive into your business to discover your secret sauce and craft copy that mirrors your business personality and your goals. The results deliver clarity that easily permeates through the rest of your marketing materials and sets you and your business up for success.

Investment: from $800

Case Studies & Customer Success Stories

If there's one thing your prospective customers want to know more than anything... it's whether you'll deliver on your promises. 

Shouting from the rooftops about your achievements is good, but having your happy customers do it for you is much, MUCH better.

I chat with you and your clients, mining for marketing gold that enables me to create beautifully crafted evergreen customer stories you'll use in your marketing for years to come.

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, I'm a safe pair of hands to represent you and your business.


Investment from: $400

{psst... ask me about bundle discounts}

Staying in touch...

Keeping your audience interested and engaged has never been as important as it is right now.

An ongoing content strategy that incorporates {but doesn't rely on} social media will keep your loyal customers and curious prospects coming back for more.

Get beautifully crafted, entertaining, brand-voice copy delivered directly to your inbox...

Regular Website 

Blogs are the perfect way to nurture an interested audience -  not to mention build your credibility with search engines such as Google.

Broken down, they're also the perfect inspiration for numerous social posts, taking the heavy lifting out of showing up all the time, ev-ery-where...

Investment: from $250 per month

Top tip: ask me about bundles!

Promos, Newsletters and such...

You know it's much easier to sell to someone who's already in your universe than to find a brand-new client.

That makes your email list one of your most valuable assets!

Writing to your list regularly helps you stay top-of-mind, so you're the obvious choice when your subscribers are in the market for products or services you offer. 

Investment: from $80 per month

Top tip: mention the B word {that's bundles, silly! }

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