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Recommended Resources for Copywriters

Write Your Way to Freedom Logo

Write Your Way To Freedom

The first copywriting course I ever took and the foundation for my business today. One of the most supportive and knowledgeable communities out there. And I'm privileged to be a part of it!

Sarah Turner

Master Your Mindset

Being a business owner isn't always easy. Having the right mindset to navigate the challenges that come your way is essential. This course is a perfect intro to mindset work - I still use many of the teachings in my business today.

Breakthrough Copywriting front cover

A Copywriting Bible

This short book breaks down the basics of copywriting into easily digestible, fun chunks. Always nearby on my desk or bookshelf, an essential for any copywriter.

Building a storybrand front cover

Tell The Story

Learn how to build storytelling into your copywriting and your clients' brands. A book that's brilliant, but simple. Use it, your clients will love you for it.

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