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How to Build A Powerful Client Attraction System

Are you sending the right signals to your ideal customers?

A bee is attracted to the brightly coloured flower to gather pollen

Do you still dread that unexpected knock at the door?

The thought of being faced by another pushy salesperson fills many of us with dread. And for good reason. Who wants their peaceful day interrupted by someone pushing a product or service you neither want nor need?

If the salesperson is wide of the mark, you can always close the door and get on with your day. But if they’re persuasive, and offering something remotely useful to you, you can find yourself unwillingly enthralled, and unable to make your escape!

Thankfully, the days of the door-to-door salesman seem to be numbered, and cold-calling is to 2024 what bell-bottoms were to the 80s. 

We’ve officially entered the era of Buyer Power.

Buyers have access to more information up-front than ever before. No more are we mere prey to the unscrupulous salesman ready to do just about anything to get that signature on the dotted line.

So, what do we prefer?

Enter the ethical seller who supplies their products or services to customers who genuinely want or need them.


But if you are that seller… and you’re not knocking on doors or spending hours calling random numbers… 

how do your prospects even know you exist?

Pieces of the Client Attraction Puzzle

Fitting pieces of the puzzle together. Hands hold two large jigsaw pieces up in a forest scene.

If you can’t go to your clients, then logically they must come to you. 

Building a system that magnetically attracts prospective clients takes time and energy. But it's so worth it. Done well, your attraction system creates a flow of enquiries that enables you to grow and refine your business for continued success.

Who to Attract

The process of defining your ideal client persona goes deeper than knowing which hair products they buy or what car they drive (unless you’re selling cars or hair products, that is). 

Of course, you’ll want to consider economic factors such as whether they can afford your product or service. And then there’s the matter of timeframe {no point in putting all of your efforts into attracting someone ready to buy 5 years down the line}. You’ll need to understand what they value the most and what keeps them awake at night.

Doing your research may be as simple as speaking to some of your satisfied clients. What demographic(s) do they fall into? What were they struggling with before they found you or your product? What compelled them to buy from you?

Or consider running a survey of potential clients to identify those who are the best fit.

From the information you’ve gathered, build a basic strawman of the ideal business or individual you’d love to work with. From there, everything you do will be defined by that person’s preferences. 

Your Website

A spider's web covered in dew lit up blue.

Your website is the hub of all your marketing efforts. It’s your calling card and goes a long way to demonstrating your credibility as a business owner. Our attention spans are short. Your website needs to grab your visitor’s attention — fast! You can do that by directly referencing the problem(s) you’ve identified in your research.

Make sure your offer is clear and that there’s a call to action that your visitors can’t fail to miss.

Okay, that’s covered those prospects who already had you on their radar and were ready to buy {or at least open a conversation}. What about the others?

Offer an Opt-In

Folks discovering you for the first time may like what they see. But what if they’re not ready for a conversation just yet?

Adding an opt-in to your website allows you to identify your visitors and continue building a relationship without spooking them.

By offering an irresistible giveaway or freebie, you’re demonstrating generosity and showing off your skills and knowledge to your prospects in a wholesome and natural way.

A barefoot grounding walk through grass and autumn leaves to stay in touch with nature.

Stay in Touch

So now you’ve got your prospect's email address, you’re not strangers any more. Chat with them via regular emails. Send details of your latest offers and tell them what you’ve been up to. Encourage them to engage with you by responding to surveys or emails.

When the time is right for those contacts to buy, they’ll be much more likely to consider you than a business they don’t know.

Build Trust and Credibility

A clown fish swimming through a sea anemone. A symbol of trust.

Adding regular blogs to your website can inspire social media engagement, newsletters and emails to your list. More than that, you’ll be able to tackle problems and objections your prospects may be experiencing head-on. Providing in-depth detail on topics helps to demonstrate your authority and knowledge.

As well as seeing what you can do, your prospect is also interested to see what you’ve already done. Who have you helped? What have they achieved?

Customer success stories (also known as case studies) allow your prospects a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you and the results they can expect. Showcasing your successes is one of the most effective ways to attract potential clients into your universe.

Be Sociable

Maximising your visibility on social media helps prospects get to know you without even having a conversation. Be present, interactive and responsive. Ensure your website and opt-in are visible so that your audience can find out more.

Meerkats showing us how to be sociable.

Let’s Recap

Here’s a summary of the main points:

  • No one wants strangers knocking at their door or spamming their inbox

  • In 2024, clients want to feel that they’ve found and chosen you

  • That means you need an attraction system to welcome them to your universe

  • First, you’ll need to know who you’re trying to attract

  • Then, you’ll build your system from your website outwards, employing language and messaging that appeals to your ideal client

  • Use opt-ins, freebies and emails to help your prospect get to know you

  • Take the time to add regular content to your system including blogs and case studies build trust and credibility

  • And of course, splash all your hard work across social media for maximum impact

Have you built an alluring attraction system? Is it optimised to speak to your ideal client?

If you’d like a second opinion, have a question, or fancy a chat about your options, I’d love to hear from you!

Wendy 🌞

Book a free no-obligation 15-30 minute call here!

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