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What’s so great about working with a copywriter anyway?

Updated: Jan 26

Have you heard that working with a copywriter can save you TIME and MONEY?

It's true, but first, let's look at copywriting itself...

What is a copywriter? What’s the difference between other writers and us?

It’s all about purpose…

Writers write to entertain or inform,

copywriters write to engage the reader too, but they also write to call them to action.

So, what do I mean by that?

Take a novelist, for example, I’m reading their brilliant sci-fi novel 👽 – the writer wants me to go on a journey with them through time and space and enjoy the ride, and that’s it.

But, if that writer wants to let people know they’ve written a new novel, what they actually want is for the reader to press that ORDER button – that’s when they need a copywriter.

How does working with a copywriter save you TIME?

As one of my clients (a travel writer) said after I wrote a sales page and email sequence for her…

“Many thanks for the quick turnaround… I could never have written it so well – too deep in my own head.”

And that’s true of many.

You’re busy doing the doing and maybe making sure everyone else is doing the doing too.

Your nose is stuck firmly in your own business.

You live and breathe it.

You know it better than anyone else. And that’s amazing…

EXCEPT for when you try to communicate with someone who knows nothing about it.

How do you find the right words to call those prospective customers to action? To speak to them in their language?

Not convinced? You’re still going to write it yourself?🖋

OK, how many evenings will you spend labouring over the words, crossing out and starting over?

Could you be using your time more productively elsewhere?

You could get around to doing that bookkeeping you’ve been putting off…🥵

Alright, alright. Maybe that wasn’t the best example.

❓How about working out the details for your next big promotion?

❓Or doing a fun teambuilding exercise?

❓How would you like to spend Wednesday evening playing ball in the park with your kids?

❓Or taking your spouse out to that little Italian restaurant you’ve always talked about?

What would YOU do with a little extra downtime?

“But what about the cost?” I hear you shout…

Ok, ok, I’m getting to that…

How does working with a copywriter save you MONEY?

The most popular alternative to working with a copywriter is DIY, right? We’ve already talked about that. And it’s true, in the short-term it’s the cheapest option (unless you think about your hourly rate that is).

How much is your time worth to you? 💵

“Ask not how long it takes a copywriter to do the work, ask only how long it would take you to come up with compelling copy that gets the same results.” - Me

Did you know that copywriters are actually a subspecies of geek? 🤓

Yes, really.

We live and breathe copy like you live and breathe your business.

We read copy (yes, for fun), we write copy, we dream about copy, and we fan-girl (and boy) over the great copywriters.

We hang about in gangs, like cats – not exactly like cats, but you get my drift. 🤓🤓🤓🤓

All that might be a bit freaky, but it’s great for you and your business.


Because we are looking at this stuff all day every day… it means YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

We may not already know what your customers want – but we’ll find out.

and when we do, we’ll speak to them like their best mate.👭👬

What do you do when your buddy tells you something is aaaamaazing?

You go check it out! Right? You don’t want to miss out, do you?

Of course, you don't. So you'll click that button, or send that email address...

Here's a quick summary:

Working with a copywriter can save you:

TIME - because you don’t have to DIY

💰MONEY - because you don’t have to DIY and you’ll be working with an expert who knows how to speak to your audience and call them to ACTION.

Ready to find out more?

Book a connect call and let's chat!


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