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🔊Coaches, mentors, course creators, yogis…🔊

Want a chilled-out, sold-out launch so you can just get on and teach?

Done-for-you copy that cuts through the noise, connects directly with your people AND sounds like you — direct to your inbox —


so that you can finally cross ‘write launch copy’ off your list!

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Wendy sitting on the sofa with her laptop. In the background there's a large wall hanging of a peacock.
Maureen Doss

 Maureen Doss - The Present Mompreneur & Co

“I love my sales page! It truly is what I had hoped for but better! You really captured the essence of my words and all the program has to offer. You took my thoughts, made them make sense and got them in writing!” 

Hey there!


Thanks for dropping by 🥰.


So your course, program or mentorship offer is ready to go. You’ve worked long and hard to define and refine it, and now it’s done {almost} 😉. 


Of course, you’ll read through the fine print one last time {and then some} to be 💯per cent sure!


Pressing the [STOP] button on making tweaks and changes can be tough. 


But not as tough as finding the right person to help you promote your shiny new offer.

Do you need a copywriter who:


▶️ takes the time to understand your goals and ambitions?


▶️ does obsessive research?


▶️ adores chatting with you and your dream clients?


▶️ crafts copy that reflects you and your brand beautifully?


▶️ provides second-to-none support and always follows up?


Then you deserve a copywriter who’s as committed as you to getting your offer over the starting line — and your prospects over the finishing line!

So that you can get on and do the things only you can!


The hassle-free way to get all the copy {and support} you need for a confident, carefree launch

Prices from $1,000

Your VIP Launch Package

Let's replace:

Getting stuck inside your own head for hours at a time

Cramming your mind full of copywriting tips and techniques   — along with everything else you have to do!

Waking up at 3 am every night worrying if your pitch will hit the mark


Sipping your favourite brew and telling me all about your fabulous offer

Dropping over the details and introductions to some of your favourite clients

Chilling in your comfies as your done-for-you launch copy drops in your mailbox!

I’m not discounting firing over the odd follow-up question that pops into my head… but, you get the idea 😊

Wendy - outdoor lover wearing her favourite woolly hat

Hi, I'm Wendy,

Lifelong learner, outdoor lover, and personal development junkie. I love wild swimming, hiking to the top of great big hills, and curling up with a juicy novel. 

I'm a customer-obsessed copywriter, with a passion for delivering exceptional words and phenomenal service.

My mission is to help the folks striving to make this world a better place, {like you} get their message out there, loud and clear 📢. 


You’re doing amazing things and you need to be seen and heard. You know that means getting the language of your pitch, well, perfect. But when you’re so deep in the details of your offer, it’s not easy for you to get that bird’s eye perspective.


That’s where I come in 😉


I'll work with you {and your fave clients} to define and refine the brand voice specific to your offer and take all that unnecessary pressure off your shoulders.


That’s why I’ve put together this tailored offer, just for you! 

Heather Lee Chapman
"It's the first time I've hired someone whose zone of genius is copywriting, and wow, there is a big difference. Working with a professional who has a bird's eye view of your business is a game-changer. This is the best sales page I have ever had!!!"

Heather Lee Chapman, Holistic Life & Business Coach

Let's unpack a little...
Your VIP Launch Package isn't only a beautifully crafted Sales Page or Launch Email Sequence...

it's much more than that!
Your VIP Launch Package also includes:

Detective Style Research

  • A one-hour {plus} kick-off call — where I get to know you, dive deep into the value and benefits of your offer and quiz you on your fave foods {foodie here 😋}

  • Interviews with your satisfied clients — where we get to unearth the voice of your gorgeous ideal clients and mine for some serious marketing gold. I'll find out things about you that even you didn't know!

Kick-Ass Strategy & Copywriting

  • An intensive strategy and writing week — where I slide into my comfy clothes, pop the phone on 'do not disturb', and get to creating — and you get to chill! 

  • At the end of the week, I'll deliver your beautifully crafted Sales Page copy or Email Sequence directly to your inbox

Partner Level Support

  • One full round of edits — where you get to give me your feedback and I polish your copy to perfection

  • A follow-up call and one week of email support — your chance to pick my brains and get another perspective on your designed sales page before it goes live

No fuss, no stress, just peace of mind for a zenned-out launch!

Wendy at her desk, ready to take notes
Mariyana Castleberry
"It makes me tear up knowing my passion has such a positive impact on other people and them following their passions." 

Mariyana Castleberry — YOLO Dream Adventure Travel

Your Questions Answered...

Q: What deliverables do I receive?

A: Deliverables include either one lovingly-crafted long-form sales page, 10 perfect pitch emails or BOTH - the choice is yours!

Q: What is the minimum investment?

A: The minimum investment for an initial project is $1,000. Don't forget to talk to me about bundle discounts for larger or multiple projects!

Q: How do I know Your VIP Launch Package is right for me?

A: Here are a few pointers to help you decide:

✔️You have an online course, program or mentorship that you’re looking to launch or build an evergreen funnel for

✔️You’ve already beta-tested your offer with your clients so you have folks in mind for me to interview

✔️You’ve built a healthy email list or thriving Facebook Group and you have a pre-launch plan ready to drive plenty of prospects through your funnel for us to impress with your offer

If you’re shouting a resounding “Yasss!” to all three points, then Your VIP Launch Package could be a great fit for you. 

If not, and you want to chat about other strategies or copy products drop me an email or book a discovery call.

Q: What’s the process for getting booked?

A: First, hit Apply and fill in a short questionnaire. This will give me a great idea of whether we’ll be happy as two peas in a pod working together.

Either way, I’ll let you know. Assuming we're a great fit, I’ll send you a calendar link and a list of details we'll need to get started. You'll have lots of opportunities right to get answers to your questions at every stage.

Q: Do you offer payment options?

A: Sure! For Your VIP Launch Package, you’ll pay 50% of your invoice upfront. This secures your spot on my calendar. The remaining 50% becomes due the week before I start writing.

Q: How long will it take to get my copy?

A: From kick-off brief to delivery normally takes 14 days. This assumes you provide everything I ask for on schedule.

Q: How early do I need to book?

A: If you already have a launch date in mind, I recommend dropping in your application as soon as possible .

Still have a question? Email me at

If not...

A final word of gratitude...

Hopefully, you have a pretty good idea if Your VIP Launch Package is for you. Heartfelt thanks for sticking with me this far. Choosing a partner to collaborate with on your launch can be a challenge. That's why, if you're thinking I might be your perfect plus 1, I want you to know that:

  • You, your brand and your clients will always be at the heart of the work we do together

  • There will be no icky, sticky sales techniques anywhere in your copy

  • Each interaction we have and every word I write will come from a place of authenticity and integrity, and I'll do everything I can to ensure you get the best possible results


If the stars have aligned for us, amazing! Fill in your application form, and I'll be back to you before you know it - eek!


But if the time's not quite right, I wish you all the best on your journey and maybe our paths will cross a little way down the line.

Wendy Jones (1).png

Much love,

Wendy xx

Wendy in her kitchen with her hand painted tea mug - cheers!
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