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Convert Your Dream Clients into Paying Customers — with no icky sales techniques

Customer-driven Copywriting That Speaks to Your Tribe in Their  **Language**

Wendy Ann Jones copywriter sits at her desk. She's hold her pen poised above a pad of paper ready to take notes. She's looking directly into camera. In the foreground there's a colourful mug, a laptop computer and a houseplant in an orange pot.

Customer-centric copy that attracts and converts the clients you love to serve — pain-free!

Word on the Street

Mike Bozee.jpg

I love my sales page! It truly is what I had hoped for but better! You really captured the essence of my words and all the program has to offer and the transition that can happen. I also thought you did great differentiating who the program was and wasn't for! You took my thoughts, made them make sense and got them in writing! You are amazing-Thank you

Maureen Doss - The Present Mompreneur & Co

Wendy has been great to work with! She is very thorough and makes sure she gets as much information as possible upfront so that she creates the best copy. She will work closely with you and maintains a collaborative style of communication. Wendy is flexible, very attentive and professional. I highly recommend her services.

Mariyana Castleberry - YOLO Dream Adventure Travel

I highly recommend working with Wendy, for anyone who's looking to up-level their site copy.

Mike Bozee,

You got my tone right, and the emails say exactly what they need to say to point people toward the itineraries. I could have never done it so well. I particularly love the call-to-action for the opt-in.

Kathi Kamleitner,


Wendy is an exceptional freelancer with a wide range of skills that delight clients around the world. She is extremely adaptable and consistently produces work that is of impeccable standards. Thank you!

Sofi Bajor, AI Global Media

A copywriter and an amazing human being with a big heart and passion to help people. One of the special people who will truly actively listen when you talk.

Ruth Bay, Viral Essence Consulting

From experience, I found Wendy to be an honest, creative & meticulous copywriter.

Michael Gayle
Owner - MGayle Outdoor Adventures

Writing by the Water

My Services

Looking for a copywriter for your feel-good, sold-out launch?

Check out

Your VIP Launch Package!

Sales Pages & Launch Copy

Sales copy that makes your offer shine like the morning sun. Build the cornerstone of your sold-out launch or kick-ass evergreen funnel.

Price from $1000

Desk .jpg

Case Studies

Use the success stories of your favourite clients to show off your expertise and attract new clients that'll make your heart sing.

Price from $500

A close up of Wendy's bookshelf. Titles include The Copywriter's Handbook, Breakthrough Copywriting, Building a Storybrand and Atomic Habits

Email Sequences

Build trust and rapport with your tribe. The personal touch that keeps your clients coming back for more.

Price from $375


Website copy

Create a shop window that showcases your services and speaks directly to your dreamy future clients.

Price from $450

Wendy's hand holding a pen. She's writing. The text says: Believe you can and you're halfway there! - Theodore Roosevelt
Wendy is sitting on the turquoise blue couch facing the camera with her laptop on her legs. She's smiling to the camera. In the background there's a swiss cheese plant (monstera)

Are you tired of playing the copywriting lottery?

Dreading engaging a copywriter that doesn’t take the time to understand you, your offer, or your ideal client?

There is another way.

Hi, I’m Wendy,

Intrepid outdoor explorer, devourer of juicy novels, foodie and lover of all things music.

As a customer service professional for over 20 years, my passion is giving clients what they want and what they need.

Sure, my mind is always brimming full of ideas — but they’re based on solid research skills and fun chats with you and your clients.

No guesswork here!

Want to work with a copywriter that’s 

  • Brimming with enthusiasm

  • Packed full of integrity

  • Reassuringly reliable

  • And ready to help take your business to the next level

Holistic Transformation Coach,
Heather Lee Chapman, 
talks about her experience working with
Wendy Ann Jones Copywriting

The Details

How it works

  1. Book your free no-obligation discovery call.

  2. I’ll send you a proposal outlining the service(s) we’ve discussed.  This will include the timescale for the completion of the work.

  3. When you accept the proposal I’ll send you a contract and a copy of your invoice.

  4. When you’re ready to proceed you return a signed copy of your contract and your payment.

  5. You'll provide me with the information I'll need to complete the project and I'll get started.

  6. I’ll return the completed work to you within the agreed timescale.

  7. Let me know if you’d like to book any more work and we’ll set up another call.

What you'll get

  • Well-researched copy written with your target audience in mind

  • All copy formatted and titled to be easily read and searched - I usually use Google docs

  • Two rounds of edits

  • Search Engine Optimization (where applicable)

  • Royalty-free images can be provided on request

Wendy is sitting, smiling, looking directly at the camera with her notebook poised and ready.

Contact me

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

A gold seal featuring the words: Write Your Way to Freedom CERTIFIED

Write Your Way to Freedom is a prestigious comprehensive copywriting program. In order to become certified, students must complete the extensive program, take advantage of the support available to them, and build businesses that get their clients results. Certified students have learned effective copywriting techniques and use these techniques in an ethical way. Plus, they have access to continued education and support throughout their copywriting career.

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