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Wendy Ann Jones copywriter sits at her desk. She's hold her pen poised above a pad of paper ready to take notes. She's looking directly into camera. In the foreground there's a colourful mug, a laptop computer and a houseplant in an orange pot.

Ethical Copywriting for

Coaches, Creators and Outdoor and Wellness Brands

I Help You Convert Your
Dream Clients into
Paying Customers — with no icky sales techniques

Authentic direct response copywriting that connects you with the clients you were born to serve!

Maureen Doss - Virtual Workhorse and Present Mompreneur

"You really captured the essence of my words, all the program has to offer and the transition that can happen. You took my thoughts, made them make sense and got them in writing!"

Maureen Doss - The Present Mompreneur & Co
Kathi Kamleitner - podcaster and Scotland guide

"You got my tone right, and the emails say exactly what they need to say to point people toward the itineraries. I could have never done it so well. I particularly love the call-to-action for the opt-in."

Kathi Kamleitner -
Mariyana Castleberry - intrepid adventurer and adventure travel guru

"Wendy makes sure she gets as much information as possible upfront so that she creates the best copy. She's collaborative, flexible, very attentive and professional."

Mariyana Castleberry - YOLO Dream Adventure Travel
Writing by the Water

Customer-centric copy that attracts and converts the clients you love to serve — pain-free!

Mike Bozee - Bamboo specialist and yorkie fan

"Hey, brand and website owners - looking for an engaging copywriter whose articles are mini-adventures in their own right? Drop a line to Wendy. She's thoroughly fun to work with and always impresses with her workflow and content." 

Mike Bozee -
Sofi Bajor - AI Global Media

"Wendy is an exceptional freelancer with a wide range of skills that delight clients around the world. She is extremely adaptable and consistently produces work that is of impeccable standards."

Sofi Bajor - AI Global Media
Ruth Bay - N17 Branding geek

"An amazing copywriter and human being with a big heart and passion to help people. One of the special people who will truly actively listen when you talk."

Ruth Bay - N17 Creative Solutions

Let's get your business marketing shining bright like a diamond! 💎

My Services


Reviews, Audits and Strategy

A collection of services designed to get you out of your own head and into a collaborative conversation about your copy, your goals and how they fit together.  


Launching Your Products & Services

Getting ready for your new offer to meet the world? Then there's nothing like a professionally crafted sales page or launch email sequence to take the weight out of the heavy lifting.


Laying Solid Foundations

Some things are nice to have... and others are non-negotiable. Getting the basics of your messaging right falls into the second category. 

These curated services are the cornerstone of success. 


Nurturing Your Audience

Lovingly-researched, collaborative copy keeps your customers and prospects coming back for more. 

Strategic, entertaining and engaging content packages delivered direct to your inbox.

"Working with Wendy has given me so much insight into my business and my marketing."

Holistic Transformation Coach, Heather Lee Chapman talks about her experience working with
Wendy Ann Jones Copywriting


About Me

Are you tired of playing the copywriting lottery?

Does the thought of engaging a copywriter who doesn’t take the time to understand you, your offer, or your ideal client fill you with dread?

Don't worry —there is another way!​

Hi, I’m Wendy,  🥾 intrepid outdoor explorer, 📔devourer of juicy novels, 😋foodie and 🎶 lover of all things music.

In my time, I've heard heaps of business owners and entrepreneurs air their worries about working with a copywriter - and believe me, I get it!

Your business is a part of you! No matter which way you look at it, your messaging is personal. How else can you show your audience, in no uncertain terms, why they should choose you?

As a customer service professional for over 30 years, my passion is giving clients what they want and what they need.


When I left my comfy corporate job to become a full-time copywriter, it was because I had a burning ambition to use my super-powers for good 🦹🏽‍♀️.  I still do!

My spidey senses include...

  1. Actively listening to you to understand what you want

  2. Helping you to define what you need

  3. Collaborating with you to make a plan

  4. Delivering first-class copy that supports your goals, your dreams and your ambitions

My mind is always brimming with ideas too — and they’re based on solid research skills and fun chats with you and your clients. No guesswork in sight!

So if you'd prefer to work with a copywriter that’s 

  • Brimming with enthusiasm

  • Packed full of integrity

  • Reassuringly reliable

  • And ready to help take your business to the next level?

Wendy Ann Jones - the best writing is done in comfort!

Love the details? 
Read on!

Ready to get started? Here's how it works for copywriting services...

  1. Book a call, email me, or, {for Your VIP Launch}, submit the application form. The choice is yours!

  2. I'll get back to you right away with more details.

  3. Once we've decided we're a good fit, I'll send you a confirmation or proposal outlining the service(s) we’ve discussed.  

  4. Accept the proposal and  I’ll send you a contract and a copy of your invoice. 

  5. Return a signed copy of your contract and your payment and I'll send you the details of what I need from you to start work.

  6. When I've got everything I need, I'll confirm the timeline for the work with you.

  7. Your shiny new copy will be delivered direct to your inbox!

What you'll receive (a.k.a. the deliverables)

  • Well-researched copy written with your target audience in mind

  • All copy formatted and titled to be easily read and searched - I usually use Google docs

  • One full round of edits to make sure you're completely happy with your copy

  • Search Engine Optimization (where applicable)

  • Royalty-free images can be provided on request

Wendy is sitting, smiling, looking directly at the camera with her notebook poised and ready.

Drop me a line...

Thanks for your message. I'll get back to you soon!

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